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A Look Back 15 Vintage Household Ads Vintage ads t
Home Improvement Ideas from Way Back at WomansDay.com- Old Advertisements Gallery - Woman's Day
A Look Back: 15 Vintage Household Ads. Home Improvement Ideas from Way Back at WomansDay.com- Old Advertisements Gallery - Woman's Day
We don't have to do this anymore :) → vintage whirlpool surgomatic washing machine ad.
A Look Back: 15 Vintage Household Ads
14. More Doctors Smoke Camels
Art of Manliness
15. More Doctors Smoke Camels #2
The Harder A Wife Works, The Cuter She Looks!
Image: grayflannelsuit
Doesn't Your Mama Wash You With Fairy Soap?
Show Her It's A Man's World
Put on 10 to 15 pounds of SOLID FLESH in just a few weeks!
It's Nice To Have A Girl Around The House
Sure, life was different back then. But these incredibly politically incorrect old timey ads will still raise an eyebrow or two.
Fun for all the family!
Image: ukgraphicdesigners
Don't Worry Darling; You Didn't Burn The Beer!
Image: Pinterest
Congoleum Art Rugs - 1924 | 1920's Home | Pinterest | Vintage art posters and Vintage ads
I get it, it's a big plate of meat and you're hungry, but again, just rein it in a notch. You're not a dog.
Eli Rezkallah is a 31-year-old visual artist/photographer who recently created a photo series entitled, "In a Parallel Universe" that reimagines sexist ads ...
5. Cocaine Toothache Drops
10 Evil Vintage Cigarette Ads Promising Better Health. Lead
An Artist Reversed The Gender Roles In Sexist Vintage Ads To Point Out How Absurd They Really Are
Vintage Christmas Ads Sexist
Hey lady, looking for a man? BE PERFECT AT ALL TIMES.
15 Sexist Vintage Ads - sexism, vintage ads
Retronaut - Give her a hoover and you give her the best 1950s Advertising, Vintage
Babies With Intelligent Observations About Their Mother's Cigarette Addiction
On the sad little girl's chest, it says, “Papa says it won't hurt us!” So papa's reasoning is, “I got a gun that has a child lock on it—now my 2-year- old ...
We're glad we weren't alive in 1918!
60's Ads
Image: Greyhound / grayflannelsuit
4. Use “Chlorinol” And Be Like De White Nigger
This is just the first of Lysol's many, many, many offences.
Murderous Nightmare-Inducing Children
Oh well this is a great life path. So apparently the kid in the previous ad decided to make a career out of his little act and actually got a job with ...
Strange Retro Ad
White ...
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1969 Dr. Grabow Pipes Christmas Ad
These 45 Shockingly Sexist Vintage Ads Will Make You Glad To Live In 2013 | Thought Catalog
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Sexist Vintage Hoover Ads
Stay Tuned
Aren't you a little young to get someone's attention with an 85-year-old person word like “say”? And why are you drinking so much soda—you're like 7 months ...
The Soda Pop Board of America was just like, “So let's write down the things we want to be true and then make that the ad.”
From chain-smoking Santa to gifting guns, these vintage Christmas ads are so offensive, sexist and bizarre that it's hard to believe they're real.
Yes, you've really achieved something here by giving a fizzy, sugary drink to someone who has been alive for 50 days and getting a positive reaction.
"Remember: don't talk on, and on, and on!" (Actually a good rule for life, tbf.)
Okay both people in this ad need to get a fucking grip. I would reprimand the kid, but we can all see where he learned to act like a psycho.
Impossibly Annoying-Looking Redheaded Boys Excited To Put Food In Their Shit-Eating Mouths
Note that because the scans are so big, this page doesn't look right on most mobile devices.
60's Ads
General Mills ad. April 8, 1947
Impossibly Annoying-Looking Redheaded Boys Excited To Put Food In Their Shit-Eating Mouths
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Always wanted a magic wand? According to an ad from 1933, all you needed was a bottle of Heinz®. Here's a look back at Heinz advertising through the ages.
Look back at Candy Land, the vintage board game that made millions of kids dream of an ice cream & lollipop world
6. Fuji Team Fuji
Fly Delta and be pleasured!
... Ads Of The 1960s · Share on Facebook ...
Image: bensbargains. Cigarettes ads ...
Vintage Christmas Ads Sexist. Hoover Ads
They won't save your life, but they will make you skinny. Because priorities.
So THAT'S how to convince a man not to stray. Pizza.
Martini ...
Vintage Fake Tanning Ads
For these are the important things in life.
They Don't Call it White-W... is listed (or
Image: Scheaffer's / grayflannetsuit
... Vintage Print Ads. 1981 Apple Computer Inc Henry Ford Ad
Hair Home Care Miss Clairol Pin It Jon Whitcomb illustration. (L) Vintage Ad ...
Image: Retro Reveries / Etsy
1950s – 20 Fabulous Ads From The Golden Era (Part 4)
1950: The ad begins,
35 Bizarre (And Offensive) Vintage Ads
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Computer Ad Bad Efficiency
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