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Ever wonder how makers get those beautifully smooth prints
Ever wonder how makers get those beautifully smooth prints? Wonder no more! Here is
The reduction process doesn't allow for test proofing or going back and printing more. If you are new to the process, either allow yourself some extra ...
Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: The Little Box: Pencil Pot
This photo of tidal rocks at Pemaquid Point in Maine relies on the definitive separation of lower values; deep, rich blacks; and textural but strong ...
Latest News & Updates (November 2018)
I then roll the ...
... on the challenge because we want to help you make informed and grounded decisions on how, where and when to implement 3D printing into your own business ...
3D Slicer Settings for Beginners – 8 Things You Need to Know
Created with Sketch. 3D printing for dummies: How do 3D printers work?
Imagine a conductive 3D printed part that is stronger than steel yet as light as plastic, and with a beautifully smooth surface finish: that's carbon fiber ...
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HD Metal Prints
In the era of smartphone photography, photo albums usually become slideshows on Facebook or part of the scrolling feed on Instagram.
The Best Business Card Printing Services
Create Smooth Beautiful Rolling Credits in Premiere Pro CC
Samsung Gear Fit Is Beautiful, Inside and Out [REVIEW]
There ...
Featured image of 2018 Ceramic 3D Printer Guide – All About Ceramic 3D Printing
MAKE Magazine comes out to MakerGeeks.com to talk shop.
During the review process, there was slight confusion that caused one canvas to be a bit smaller. Nonetheless, this is about the quality.
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HD Metal Prints
The top of the cube shows the smooth finish when printing on blue painters tape
Kicking off 2017 with a gorgeous poster for DRIVE by the unstoppable @rorykurtz! On
Once the ...
The ...
Custom Dye-Sub Fabric Printing — Direct from The Factory
Framed Prints
Picture of Conclusion
3D-Printed Business Cards, Anyone?
3D Printer Breaks Kickstarter Tech Funding Record [VIDEO]
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Artists will love Moab's Entrada Rag Textured for making affordable repro prints of their pastels and paintings. This image is derived from a photograph to ...
Canvas Prints
I assemble my landscapes in my studio with the help of source material. I'm far more interested in catching the feel of a place rather than making an ...
This autumnal scene relies on tonal differentiation in deep values as well as vibrance in the blue and orange tones. Hahnemühle's FineArt Baryta Satin ...
The Perfect Paper for Your Print
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The ...
Rather than thinking how to add support for 3D printing, let us open your mind to the possibility of extreme overhangs.
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Two-sided mold printed without supports on the inside, in PreForm and as printed
Canvas Prints
Image of 3D Printed Food Questions Answered: Do Food 3D Printers Also Cook the Food
Framed Prints
Once the ...
Block ...
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3D printed molds
There's also talk about making this printer publically available – nothing has surfaced in 2018. We'll keep you updated as ...
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Polished 3D Benchy
Block printing is also ...
A 3D printer (machine on the right hand side) easily fits on a study
Cricut Maker
Image of 2018 PLA Filament Guide: What are the Optimal Print Settings for PLA Filament
This beautiful shoe is 3D printed!
Printing on inkjet paper is the start, but actually using your hands to create an original piece of art is quite engaging and, well, fun.
3D Printing Software infill percentage, 3D Slicer settings
Bridges present much of the same printing problems as overhang 3D printing. The difference is that bridges, by definition, are 90° surfaces supported by ...
7 Reasons you need a Cricut Maker in your life. Seriously, this is the
Acrylic Frame Prints
3D Printing Software elephant, 3D Slicer settings
10 Advanced 3D Slicer Settings That Will Save Your Prints!
3D Printer Filament from Filament Geeks
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Custom Brochures Video
Overhangs and bridges
Image of Cool Things to 3D Print: Platform Jack
HD Metal Prints
These two photos show the lino with a painterly application of bright ink that is going to print over dark ink, then the subsequent print (see how I am now ...
Printing Quality: Excellent
These are some of Joseph Casha of 3D Maker Noob's prints in our Red PETG
To properly test the various 3D printers we receive for review, we have a baseline selection of objects to fabricate.
We offer gorgeous premium colours for your design such as Metallic Gold and Silver to give a luxurious feel to your tissue paper.
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Plus, they can prove a real advantage because they are designed to work closely with the companies' inkjet printers in terms of specific print and page ...
... 3D Printing Software raft, 3D Slicer settings
... you need to make the lights overly bright, as the darker base layer will always knock paler ink back and subdue its tone on the print itself.
Best smartphones 2018 The ...
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3D Printing Software islamic christmas ball, 3D Slice, 3D Slicer settings
A chamfer is one of those 'cheat' 3D printing techniques - a symmetrical, sloping surface at an edge or corner that is used to avoid violating the 45° rule.